Armuralia Colour Palette

Armuralia is available in 67 standard colours. Custom colours and special effects can be developed for bespoke applications. This web page should not be used as an accurate colour guide. Please obtain a sample in advance. 

Colours and patterns illustrated are for guidance only.
Due to differing monitors and their settings, the exact colours and shades may vary from those shown.
Please request a sample for accurate colour representation.

P50 B4471

P50 B0800

P50 B0875

P50 B4505

P50 B4489

P50 B4497

P50 B4513

P50 B4521

P50 G0045

P50 B4620

P50 B4612

P50 G0102

P50 G0391

P50 G0136

P50 G0425

P50 G2132

P50 G2165

P50 G2157

P50 G2140

P50 G2173

P50 G2181

P50 N0145

P50 G2264

P50 N0061